Look Up Abe

This project began with a simple concept: to "look up." That is, to put productivity on pause and keep our small problems in proportion to grand blessings. Originally I planned to film the letters "l o o k u p" spell out slowly on the grass, and then pan up to the setting sun. I did a test shot with no letters. Then I decided a third word was necessary. So I searched for a name. Simultaneously, I recalled the cool star machine in Matt Steven's room (he is the actor) and decided to change to a scene of him working at a desk until he looks up at the stars on his ceiling. Then I remembered the story in Genesis of Abraham, who questions God, and God says, "Look up at the stars and try to count them." God promises Abraham that his offspring will outnumber the stars. God calls Abraham to see his problems in the big picture.

Shooting this, of course, had it's obstacles. It had to be at night. After filming the first set of shots, I strung them together on iMovie and realized that the story would require more shots. Matt and I filmed more on Sunday evening, and I was much more pleased with my transitions - although I did think of a few more desirable shots, such as a close up of Matt's mouth as he exhaled.

I preconceived that out-of-focus shots would be useful in my vision. I discovered during editing that changing the speed of the story also helped give the film rhythm.

This being my first film, I'm quite happy with the outcome!