dystrophin in dysferlin-deficient
              A/J skeletal muscle  
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How to find us within the School of Medicine:

The Calos lab is located on the third floor of the Alway Building in the Stanford University School of Medicine. The labs, M316 & M318, are off the hallway on the south side of the building, which has the even-numbered rooms. Dr. Calos' office, M334, is across the hall from the labs.
The location of the Alway Building within the School of Medicine can be seen on the Stanford Google Map.
This map shows all the different buildings in the School of Medicine. Shown below is a part of this map, with the red arrow indicating where our lab is located.

Alway building within
                      Stanford University School of Medicine

How to find Stanford University School of Medicine:

This directions & maps page describes the many ways to get to the Stanford University School of Medicine.

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Last updated on Feb 14, 2013