dystrophin in dysferlin-deficient
              A/J skeletal muscle  
Stanford University  
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Material Requests
We have made the following plasmids available from Addgene. Please contact Addgene (www.addgene.org) directly to obtain them. If the plasmid you need is not on this list, please contact Michele.
Plasmid Name Addgene Info & Seq Map Reference
pBCPB+ 18940 pBCPB+.txt   Groth et al. PNAS. (2000) [PubMed]
pCaryP 18945 pCaryP.txt   Groth et al. Genetics. (2004) [PubMed]
pCMVInt 18935 pCMVInt.txt   Groth et al. PNAS. (2000) [PubMed]
pDB2 18954 pDB2.txt   Keravala et al. J Gene Med. (2006) [PubMed]
pDrBB2 18946 pDrBB2.txt   Groth et al. Genetics. (2004) [PubMed]
pET11phiC31polyA 18942 pET11phiC31polyA.txt   Groth et al. Genetics. (2004) [PubMed]
pInt 18941 pInt.txt   Groth et al. PNAS. (2000) [PubMed]
pMKInt 18952   jpg icon Groth et al. Genetics. (2004) [PubMed]
pMKInt-hyg 18953   jpg icon Groth et al. Genetics. (2004) [PubMed]
pTA-attB 18937 pTA-attB.txt   Groth et al. PNAS. (2000) [PubMed]
pTA-attP 18939 pTA-attP.txt   Groth et al. PNAS. (2000) [PubMed]
pUASTB 18944 pUASTB.txt   Groth et al. PNAS. (2000) [PubMed]

Note: pUASTB is different from pUASTattB described in Fish et al. Nat. Protoc. (2007) [PubMed]. pUASTattB is available from FlyC31.

293T cell line is available from ATCC:
Please fill out this MTA (UMTA for 293T cells), obtain the signatures, and mail it back to us. Please include an email address at which you can be notified when the MTA process is complete. We will then authorize the ATCC to send you the cells and will instruct you in how to obtain the cells from ATCC.
Maintained by Tawny Neal
Last updated on Feb 14th 2013