dystrophin in dysferlin-deficient A/J skeletal
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Lab Members

Michele Calos Michele P. Calos, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Genetics

Chris Bjornson

Research Associate
  • Ph.D. University of Washington 

Alfonso Farruggio

Post Doctoral Fellow
  • Ph.D. Stanford University

Sören Turan

Post Doctoral Fellow
  • Ph.D. Hannover Medical School, Germany

Christophe Pichavant

Post Doctoral Fellow
  • Ph.D. Laval University, Quebec

Jonathan Geisinger

Graduate Student, Genetics

  • B.S. Case Western Reserve University

Tawny Neal

Life Science Research Assistant

  • B.S. Humboldt State University

Yi Zheng

Visiting Graduate Student
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Todd Gallagher

CIRM intern
  • B.S. Humboldt State University

Rafael Contreras López

Visiting Graduate Student
  • University of Los Andes, Chile

Jennifer Sullivan

  • B.S. Santa Clara University
  • Post Baccalaureate at U.C. Berkeley Extension

Some Past Lab Members

Chunli Zhao

Research Associate
  • Ph.D. Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing & Northeast Agricultural University

Fangfang Zhu

Post Doctoral Scholar

  •     Ph.D. Peking University

Matthew Gamboa

Life Science Research Assistant, 80% Calos lab, 20% Transgenic, Knockout and Tumor Model Center

  • B.S., M.S., Biological Sciences, Stanford University

Hassan Chaib

Senior Research Scientist, 50% Calos lab, 50% Snyder Lab Ph.D. Pasteur Institute Cell Biology

Sophia Hernandez

CIRM Training Scholar
California State University, Fullerton


Christopher Chavez

Postdoctoral fellow 2006-2012

Now: Scientist at Avalanche Biotech, Menlo Park, CA


Marisa Karow

Postdoctoral fellow 2009-2011

Now: Postdoc, Ludwig Maximillians University


Gabby Ramos

Undergraduate Honors Thesis Candidate 2011-2012.

Name Jackie Chu

Lab manager and research assistant, 2008-2011

Now: Medical student at Stanford University

Sharon Sharon Briggs

Graduate Rotation Student, Genetics, Winter 2011

Justin Justin Smith

Graduate Rotation Student, Genetics, Fall 2010

Eddie Eddie Jung

Research Assistant and Lab Manager, 2006-2010

Now: UCLA School of Dentistry

John John Thiemer

Undergraduate, Spring 2010

Annahita Annahita Keravala

Post-doctoral Scholar and Research Associate, 2003-2010

Now: Scientist at Avalanche Biotech, Menlo Park, CA

Stephanie Stephanie Madden

Graduate rotation student, Genetics, Fall 2009

Asa Asa Flanigan, Ph.D.

Postdoc, 2008 – 2009

Now: University of Illinois School of Medicine

Lauren Lauren Woodard, Ph.D. in Cancer Biology, 2009

Now: Research Instructor, Vanderbilt University

Graduation Party chez Michele, July 24, 2009

Gabrovsky Vanessa Gabrovsky Cuellar, M.D., 2009

Now: Resident in Orthopedic Surgery at NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases, New York Area

hoyt Jason J. Hoyt, Ph.D. in Genetics, 2008

Now: Research Director at Mendeley Ltd., London, United Kingdom

Lee Solomon Lee, Research Assistant, 2004 - 2006

Now: Pathology Resident, University of Tennesee

Portlock Joylette L. Portlock, Ph.D. in Genetics, 2006

Now: Western Pennsylvania Outreach Coordinator at Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future, Pittsburgh Area

Chalberg Thomas W. Chalberg, Ph.D. in Genetics, 2005

Now: President and CEO, Avalanche Biotechnologies, Menlo Park, CA.

Ginsberg Daniel S. Ginsburg, Ph.D. in Genetics, 2004

Now: Assistant Professor, Long Island University Post

patrick Patrick Kirby, Ph.D., Postdoc 2002 - 2004

Jarrahian Sohail Jarrahian, Research Assistant, 2002 - 2004

Now: ICOS, Seattle, WA

groth Amy C. Groth, Ph.D. in Cancer Biology, 2003

Now: Visiting Assistant Professor, Dept of Biology, Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA

Hollis Roger P. Hollis, Postdoc 2001 - 2003

Now: Senior Research Associate in Don Kohn lab, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

olivares Eric C. Olivares, Ph.D. in Genetics, 2003

Now: Senior Scientist at Pacific Biosciences, Menlo Park, CA and Founder at SEQanswers.com

bhaskar Bhaskar Thyagarajan, Ph.D., Postdoc 1997 – 2003

Now: Program Manager, Life Technologies, Inc., Carlsbad, CA

stephanie Stephanie Stoll Hawthorne, Ph.D. in Genetics, 2003

Now: Senior Consultant, Oncology, at MattsonJack DaVinci, the Mattson Jack Group, San Francisco Bay Area

sclimenti Christopher R. Sclimenti, Ph.D. in Cancer Biology, 2002

Now: Attorney, San Diego area

isabelle Isabelle Forter, Research Assistant 2001 - 2002

nevaiser Andy Neviaser, Research Assistant 2000 - 2001

guimaraes Jorge Guimaraes, M.D., Ph.D., Postdoc 1998 - 2000

Now: Founder and President, ALERT Life Sciences Computing, Portugal

julie Julie Phillips, Ph.D. in Genetics, 2000

Now: Senior Scientist, BioCardia, San Carlos, South San Francisco, CA

baba Edward J. Baba, M.S. Genetics 2000

Now: Partner, Bozicevic, Field, and Francis, LLP, San Francisco, CA

gene Eugene Tanimoto, Ph.D., Postdoc 1995-1997

Now: Expression Product Development, AFFYMETRIX, Inc., Santa Clara, CA

kevin Kevin Nawotka, Ph.D., Postdoc 1994 -1997

Now: Scientist/Microbiologist, Caliper Life Sciences, Inc., Alameda, CA

julie Julie Lewczyk, Undergraduate, 1995 – 1996

jay Jay Wohlgemuth, M.D., Medical Scholar Research, 1994 – 1996

Now: Vice President of Research and Development, VIA Pharmaceuticals, Inc., San Francisco, CA

gabriella Gabriella Bulboaca, Ph.D. in Genetics, 1996

joseph Joseph Mitchell, Undergraduate, 1995 - 1996

steve Steven Kang, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 1993 - 1996

jessica Jessica G. Smith, Ph.D. in Cancer Biology, 1995

Now: Program Manager, Clarient, Inc., Aliso Viejo, CA

gil Gil Van Bokkelen, Ph.D. in Genetics, 1994

Now: CEO, Chairman, and Founder, Athersys, Inc., Cleveland, OH

haase Steven B. Haase, Ph.D. in Genetics, 1993

Now: Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Duke University, Durham, NC

krysan Patrick S. Krysan, Ph.D. in Genetics, 1993

Now: Associate Professor, Dept of Horticulture, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

mark Mark Caddle, Ph.D., Postdoc, 1990 - 1993

Now: Regional Scientific Manager at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Greater Boston Area

heinzel Scott S. Heinzel, Ph.D. in Cancer Biology

Now: Principal of Grades 11 and 12 and Science Teacher at John Burroughs School, St. Louis, MO

chi Chi Tran, Research Assistant

suzanne Suzanne Clancy, Ph.D. in Genetics

Now: Science journalist, corporate and scientific communications, San Diego, CA

richard Richard Swirski, Ph.D., Postdoc

lum Lun Lam, Ph.D., Postdoc

dubridge Robert B. DuBridge, Ph.D. in Genetics

Now: CEO at Full Spectrum Genetics, South San Francisco

Picture at Graduation

joann Joann Katheiser, Lab Assistant

Now: Administrative Services, Merck Research Laboratories

greisen Kay Greisen, Research Assistant

Now: Technical writer and publisher, Oakland, CA

lebkowski Jane Lebkowski, Ph.D., Postdoc

Now: President of Research and Development at Asterias Biotherapeutics, Inc, Menlo Park CA

Maintained by Tawny Neal
Last updated on Dec 19th, 2013