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Michele Calos

Michele Pamela Calos

Department of Genetics

Stanford Teaching

BIOS 206A & B:  Stem Cells and Regeneration:  Transitioning from Basic Research to Clinical Therapies.

Faculty Organizers:  Renee Reijo Pera and Michele Calos

Quarter: Winter

Course Description:

BIOS 206A.  We live in an exciting time in biomedical science, when the first therapies based on stem cells are moving toward the clinic!  This course will present a variety of cutting-edge stem cell projects that are on their way to the clinic, including novel treatments for neurological, circulatory, hematopoietic, muscle, and eye disorders.  Emerging therapies will be presented by the scientists leading these pioneering efforts and will include academic and industry-based groups. Two lectures per day will be separated by a 15-minute break with refreshments.

BIOS 206B will provide hands-on experience, protocols, and instruction in a number of laboratory methods valuable in development of stem cell therapies.  The methods include efficient introduction of DNA into cells for generation of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, culture of embryonic stem cells and iPS cells, monitoring of marker genes by fluorescence analysis, injection of stem cells in tissues, and in vivo tracking of engrafted stem cells.

Students will have access to a course web site that will contain the detailed course syllabus, speaker biographies, relevant scientific papers, laboratory protocols, and a primer on basic stem cell biology to provide background information for those new to this field.


Units: 2 (1 unit each, for BIOS 206 A&B)
Weeks:  9-10 (March 3-14, 2014), MWF 1:15 – 3:30 PM, lectures (BIOS 206A); TTh 1:15 – 3:30 PM, labs (BIOS 206B) 

Genetics 201. Human Genetics.
 Fall quarter every year, for medical students. Dr. Calos provides an overview of gene and cell therapy.
Genetics 271. Genetic Counseling.
Fall quarter every year, for genetic counseling students. Dr. Calos lectures on treating genetic disease with gene therapy and gene-modified cells.

Additional Stanford talks:
             Dr. Calos presents regularly in various Stanford lecture series, including Current Issues in Genetics and the              Human Genetics Journal Club.

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