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Selected Recent Publications

 Ma, J., Pichavant, C., du Bois, H., Bhakta, M., and Calos, M.P. (2017).  DNA-mediated gene therapy in a mouse model of limb girdle muscular dystrophy 2B.  Molecular Therapy: Methods & Clinical Development 7, 123 – 131. [Article]      

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Pichavant, C., Bjornson, C.R.R., du Bois, H., Gallagher, T.J., Neal, T., and Calos, M.P. (2017).  Three novel immune-deficient mouse models of muscular dystrophy. PLOS Currents - Muscular Dystrophy, 2017 Sep 1. Edition 1.doi: 10.1371/ [Article] 

Farruggio, A.P., Bhakta, M., du Bois, H., and Calos, M.P. (2017).  Genomic integration of the full-length dystrophin coding sequence in Duchenne muscular dystrophy induced pluripotent stem cells. Biotechnol. J. 12, 1600477. [Article]         

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