Project 3 with Images and Music: "Welcome Home"

You can view the project Here . If prompted, allow the ActiveX plugin to run.



    I immediately gravitated towards using this piece of music for this project. It is immensely layered, even without editing, and it has a great driving force behind it. Its basic structure takes a simple melody with piano, then gradually integrates percussion, strings, and vocalization until it creates a rich, soaring piece. To me, the song is very visual, so instead of choosing abstract shapes to engage with the different aspects of the music, I chose concrete images that tied into what I felt the emotions and themes of the piece were. I wanted the images to follow the melody in mood, but I also wanted them to create something independent of the music on its own—I wanted the imagery to be empathetic but not redundant. To me, the fluidity and delicacy of the individual notes combined with the energy of the percussion gives an interesting duality to the song. The vocals especially are both comforting and otherworldly, which makes the sound as a whole very intimate but also very grand.

    I tried to speak to this dichotomy of personal and universal by creating free, adventurous images, but in a style that might look at home in a storybook or on a quilt. I used textured collage cutouts of a boat, a fish, and a kite, because they all suggest freedom and adventure in different ways. All are very stylized and rough around the edges, shaped to suggest the sort of flights of imagination that I feel the song invokes. I had these elements all travel up and to the right in order to emphasize the journeying aspect of the song without turning the video into a narrative.  I used the foggy overlay to underscore the forward motion of the music. The tree to me suggested family and home, so I used that image at the beginning and end of the project to bring it full circle.


The image which stands out from the rest stylistically is the blurry field which begins black and white but drips into color. In this case I deliberately used a heavily edited photo instead of a cutout to blur the line between fantasy and reality, which is a quality of the song as a whole. The instrumentation is often very grounded and rough around the edges, yet as more layers are incorporated they contribute to a whole whose elements are hard to unweave.


The song, "Welcome Home (Reprise)" was written and performed by Radical Face.