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By Matthew Campbell

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Windows XP.

System Requirements

I can pretty much guarantee that if you can read this and use Windows, you can run the game HOVER!

Basically any version of Windows will work, from old-school

Windows 95

to "flamin'"

Windows XP (or Windows Vista, etc).

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Posted 05-18-2005 @ 11.50 PM Central Time



The HOVER! game was rediscovered after hours of scouring on some long-forsaken forum somewhere in cyberspace (hats off to my old room mate Dave Wagner!). So old and so rare is this game that it might be to some considered priceless. However, if you by some random chance have the rights to the game and have an issue with me giving it out for free, I will bow out and shut down this site until something can be arranged. Just email me (

Also, know that you are downloading at your own risk. Though I do my utmost to ensure integrity in downloaded files, I can offer no 100% guarantee. That said, please don't hesitate to report any and all problems to me (

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