(Essays and Reviews)

The London Review of Books

Diary: Moving House” 27 August 2009

Tickle and Flutter” (on Maude Hutchins) 3 July 2008

Husbands and Wives” (on Claude Cahun, Marcel Moore, Gertrude Stein, and Alice B. Toklas) 13 December 2007

Travels with My Mom” (on Santa Fe, Agnes Martin and Georgia O’Keefe) 16 August 2007

Desperately Seeking Susan” (on Susan Sontag) 17 March 2005

Love-of-One’s-Life-Department” (on Natalie Clifford Barney and Renee Vivien) 21 October 2004

Seductress Extraordinaire” (on Mercedes de Acosta and Greta Garbo) 24 June 2004

“My Heroin Christmas” (on Art Pepper) 5 December 2003

Courage, Mon Amie” (on the First World War) 4 April 2002

11 September” (comments by LRB contributors) 4 October 2001

Pipe Down Back There!” (on Willa Cather) 14 December 2000

Yes You Sweetheart” (on Colette) 16 March 2000

Always the Bridesmaid” (on Sappho) 20th Anniversary Issue 30 September 1999

Boss Ladies, Watch Out” (on Lillian Hellman) 15 April 1999

If Everybody Had a Wadley” (on “Joe” Carstairs) 5 March 1998

“Flournoy’s Complaint” (on 19th-Century Spiritualism) 23 May 1996

“Sister-Sister” (aka “Was Jane Austen Gay?) ” 2 August 1995 Rpt. with accompanying article in Lingua Franca September/October 1995; and in Jane Hindle, ed., The London Review of Books: An Anthology, 138-48. London and New York: Verso, 1996

“Sublimely Bad” (on 18th-Century Women’s Writing) 23 February 1995