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Before proceeding, note that only Stanford Academic Council members, Medical Center Line Faculty, and Active Emeriti are eligible to apply.

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Faculty Fellowship Application

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Below are representative expenses that applicants can apply for with an SCPKU faculty fellowship in Beijing:

1) lowest cost, upgradable economy-class airline ticket to Beijing, 2) basic Beijing living expenses and incidentals pro-rated to length of stay (up to $200/day), 3) expenses associated with other SCPKU-based meetings/workshops held during the fellowship period. NOTE: SCPKU faculty fellowships do not provide support for travel outside of SCPKU/Beijing and materials/supplies. Expenses associated with mandatory public talk at the center will be processed separately by SCPKU.

Required: I acknowledge that if awarded a faculty fellowship which I accept, this constitutes an agreement by the grantee to Stanford University’s use and distribution (both now and in the future) of the grantee's biographical information and image or voice in photographs, video or audio capture, or electronic reproductions of activities associated with the program. *

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Provide administrative and finance contacts in your department who will help to facilitate travel and other logistics as well as process travel expenses should you be selected. (Award packages will include comprehensive information about how to manage these logistics.)

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