SCPKU Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Program - Student Application Form - Grant of SCPKU Office Space Only

Stanford doctoral students who already have funding from other sources can apply for SCPKU office space as part of the SCPKU Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Program by completing this application and hitting the "Submit Form" button at the bottom of the form. Students applying for a grant plus SCPKU office space should instead apply for a “Grant Plus Office Space” via a different online application form at Note that incomplete applications CANNOT be saved and completed at a later time.

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Prior to completing this form, please note: 1) A passport with at least six months’ validity is required to travel to China. For your own protection, all applicants should ensure that they have such an unexpired passport prior to purchasing airline tickets. SCPKU assumes no responsibility for the passport application process. 2) Applicant must be a Stanford doctoral student. If you are not a Stanford doctoral student, you are not eligible to apply for an SCPKU pre-doctoral fellowship and should not proceed with this application. 3) This program is geared towards students who be primarily based at SCPKU.

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Application for Grant of SCPKU Office Space

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Required: I certify that all information in this application is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge. I also understand and agree that if awarded a grant (grant plus SCPKU office space) which I accept: 1) that any change in my financial circumstances could be grounds for repayment of funds received, and 2) this constitutes an agreement by the student to Stanford University’s use and distribution (both now and in the future) of the student’s biographical information and image or voice in photographs, video or audio capture, or electronic reproductions of activities associated with the program. *

Required Supporting Materials and Information

TRANSCRIPT: Email your official e-transcript by the application deadline to the SCPKU Program Manager, Connie Chao, at This email request can be made through your account in Axess. Your application will not be considered complete until your e-transcript is received

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REQUIRED LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION: Your dissertation chair must submit a confidential letter of support by the application deadline to the selection committee via email to Connie Chao at Please have your dissertation chair include in the subject line: “SCPKU Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Program Letter of Support:

Recommendation letters should include the following information whenever possible: 1) faculty relationship to the applicant (faculty advisor, dissertation committee member, or other), 2) length of time you have known the applicant, 3) your opinion of the applicant's dissertation topic and/or academic goals for the proposal period (How does it relate to other work done on the general subject? How does the applicant's research differ from previous work on the topic or general subject? What new insights may be obtained by this approach, which would be of value to the scholarly field as a whole?), 4) your opinion of the applicant's preparation for research, travel or general academic goals for the proposal period at SCPKU (Has preliminary contact been made with appropriate organizations or scholars in the field? Has specialized language training been obtained? Have problems that may arise in the field due to local sensitivity been researched? Has the applicant determined the state of the local archives and outside accessibility to them?), 5) your opinion of the applicant's general abilities, strengths, and weaknesses in relation to the requirements of the proposed research (Can the applicant accomplish his/her goals in light of these requirements?), and 6) your overall rating of the student as compared to others you have known and worked with at Stanford.