Books We've Read Together

This is a list of all the books that Peter and I have read aloud to each other since I started graduate school in the fall of 1995. The books are listed here more or less in the order we read them. Titles of texts available online are hyperlinked.

Many Waters - Madeline L'Engle
Catherine Called Birdie - Catherine Cushman
Rebecca - Daphne DuMaurier
Paper Grail - James Blaylock
Half Magic - Edward Eager
Magic by the Lake - Edward Eager
The Midwife's Apprentice - Catherine Cushman
The Deeds of King Arthur and His Noble Knights - John Steinbeck
Morte D'Artur vol. 1 vol. 2 (second half only, skipped much of Tristan> - Mallory
The Grapes of Wrath - John Steinbeck
5 Children and It - E. Nesbit
The Phoenix and the Carpet - E. Nesbit
The Story of the Amulet - E. Nesbit
The Wouldbegoods - E. Nesbit
The Book of Merlin - T.H. White
Stuart Little - E.B. White
The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupery
The Winter's Tale - Shakespeare
Twelfth Night - Shakespeare
Emma - Jane Austen
The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett
The Tempest - Shakespeare
The First Two Lives of Lukas-Kasha - Lloyd Alexander
Matilda - Roald Dahl
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - J.K. Rowling
The Moor's Last Sigh - Salman Rushdie
Hitty: Her First Hundred Years - Rachel Field
The Pushcart War - Merrill
Rascal - Sterling North
Knight's Castle - Edward Eager
Ivanhoe (of course!) - Sir Walter Scott
Anna and the King of Siam - Margaret Landon
Quidditch through the Ages - Kennilworthy Whisp (ed JK Rowling)
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - Newt Scamander (ed JK Rowling)
Imaginary Lands - ed Robin McKinley
The Time Garden - Edward Eager
The Last Hero - Terry Pratchett
Moby-Dick (finally!! about 1.5 yrs later!) - Herman Melville
The Five-Minute Iliad and other Instant Classics - Greg Nagan
A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens (completed January 2004)
The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club - Charles Dickens (begun December 2002, completed January 2004)
Magic or Not? - Edward Eager (January 2004)
Bed-Knob and Broomstick - Mary Norton (April 2004)
Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte (September 2004)
Wet Magic - E. Nesbit (October 2004)
Eva Luna - Isabel Allende (November 2004 - June 2005)
The Light Princess and other stories - George MacDonald
The Well-Wishers - Edward Eager
Howl's Moving Castle - Diana Wynne Jones
The Gift - Patrick O'Leary
Puck of Pook's Hill - Rudyard Kipling
Castle in the Air - Diana Wynne Jones
The Swiss Family Robinson - Johann David Wyss

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