Claudia A. Engel, Ph.D
Academic Technology Specialist
Department of Anthropology and Stanford Libraries
Stanford University

Claudia Engel is an Academic Technolgy Specialist with the Stanford Libraries and Lecturer at the Department of Anthropology. She also serves as a Manager of the Academic Technology Specialist Program and the Co-director of the Stanford Sea Island Fieldschool. Claudia holds a doctorate degree in Anthropology. Her work centers around the innovative potential of new technologies for teaching and research and she has been involved in numerous projects alongside Stanford faculty with a focus on mobile technologies, spatial analysis, and GIS. She serves as GIS consultant with the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences and is a member of the Stanford Spatial Social Science Lab. Claudia is one of the co-founders of the Stanford interest group in GIS. She blogs on academic data resources, technologies, and code and can be found on Twitter as @ceng_l.

Before coming to the US Claudia worked and lived in Spain and South America. Outside her work Claudia serves as principal oboist for the Silicon Valley Symphony.


ANTHRO 130b/230b: Introduction to GIS in Anthropology (Winter 2009, 2010, and 2013)

ANTHRO 130d/230d/POLISCI 241s: Spatial Approaches to Social Science (With J. Rodden, Winter 2011 and 2012)

CASA 156: Interpreting Space and Place: An Introduction to Map Making (Fall 2007)

Recent Guest Lectures:
  ANTHRO 21n: The Anthropology of Globalization (Fall 2012)
  Anthropology Bing Honors College (Fall 2012)
  ANTHRO 93 and 94: Anthropological Pre- and Post-field (Spring and Fall 2011)
  ANTHRO 306: Research Methods
  Tooling Up for Digital Humanities (Spring 2011)

Workshops on: Computer Supported Fieldwork, Data Analysis Tools, ArcGIS, GRASS, R, GPS, Python, iPad

recent publications and presentations

C. Engel: Social and cultural data within GIS. LENS Institute on Mapping Communities. University of Redlands, CA, June 13 - 16, 2012.

C. Engel: Mapping Space, Marking Time. 72nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology, Baltimore, MD, March 28, 2012.

C. Engel: Roots and Routes - Basketmaking and Economic Development in Coastal South Carolina. GIS Day Stanford, CA, Nov 16, 2011.

C. Engel: The Open Source Geostack for Ethnographic Research. FOSS4G Barcelona, Spain, September 2010.

C. Engel: Teaching Spatial Analysis in Anthropology. Presentation at the AAG Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, April 2010.

Last updated October 2012