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The ATS Program Presents: Projects and Collaborations with Stanford Scholars and Faculty

At the IT Open House
Wednesday, November 1st 2006
Meyer Library, Room 280E (Language Lab)

Program: (pdf)

10:30 Visualizing The Life of the Bard

English Professor David Riggs and Matt Jockers, ATS for the English Department, will present the Shakespeare Timeline Project, which was developed to support biographical research.

11:00 Beyond the Kodak Carousel: Digital Workflow for Humanists

Art historians and humanists dependent on the Kodak Carousel for presenting film slides are faced by new methods of work using digital technology. With a combination of software, the Kodak Carousel workflow can be replicated and may offer a replacement of the analog methods for Art History teaching. Presented by Michael Marrinan, Professor of Art History and Michael Gonzalez, ATS for Art History and Drama.

11:30 Social Science Research 2.0 (beta): Bringing the new generation of collaboration tools to the Social Sciences

Vijoy Abraham, ATS at the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences, will discuss how research groups in the social sciences have been using wikis and blogs to interact within their group and connect to the public IRISS web.

12:00 Collaborative Visualization and Argumentation in Anthropology

Professor John Rick, Archaeologist at the Department of Anthropological Sciences and Claudia Engel, ATS for Anthropology, will share their experiences in teaching with innovative technologies to support collaborative data analysis and visualization of archaeological computational models.

12:30 Portuguese 99 - Video Blogging in Rio Slums and the Promise of Ubiquitous Wireless Networks

In collaboration with blogging curriculum Vamos Blogar, 2nd year Portuguese language students at Stanford interact with children and youth in the slums of Brazil to enrich their language skills in an immersive cultural context and in a socially meaningful way. Presented by Joseph Kautz, ATS for the Language Center.

1:00 Humanities Research Network: Online Scholarly Collaboration

From the Stanford Humanities Center, Digital Humanities Fellow Christian Henriot and Technology Projects Manager Nicole Coleman will demonstrate the use of the Humanities Research Network to support humanities research projects.

1:30 Captioned Video Lectures: Searchable, Accessible, and Research-Friendly

Dr. Kyle Cole, from the Center for Probing the Nanoscale and Shelley Haven, ATS at the Office of Accessible Education, will demonstrate text-searchable video lectures. Closed captioning is employed to not only make streamed videos accessible for viewers with hearing impairments, but turn them into efficient research tools where advanced users can search and jump to specific topics.

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