How do you choose your tags?

Academic Study on Tagging Systems.

I came across the paper “HT06, Tagging Paper, Taxonomy, Flickr, Academic Article, ToRead.” Cameron Marlow, Mor Naaman, Danah Boyd, Marc Davis. Proceedings of Hypertext 2006. (pdf) The authors offer a model of web-based tagging systems, to help illustrate the possible benefits of these tools.

Exemplified in a study of Flickr’s tagging system they analyze how (1) characteristics of system design and (2) user incentives and motivations may influence the resultant tags in a tagging system and show that the dynamics of interaction and participation are different than those of For example, since is largely task-focused, namely storing bookmarks for future retrieval, organizational motivations are most dominant. Flickr users, on the other hand, are also likely to tag for their own retrieval, but coupled with an abundance of communication mechanisms, the system design encourages gaming and exploration of tag use. They show the consequences for usage and vocabulary formation.

Collaboration and Remote Screen Control in the Classroom with teleport

In my efforts to try to find ways to transfer learnig scenarios out of Wallenberg Hall I came across an application (Mac only) that supports collaboration of several students on one a remote screen.
Teleport is a prefpane utility to let you use one single mouse and keyboard to control another Mac. Like the Pointright application which runs on top of the iRoom software in the Wallenberg HPLS simply moving the mouse to the edge of your local srceen passes it over to the remote screen. You can move files between machines that very same way – drag them out of the top of your local screen and onto the screen of the remote machine. Multiple connections are possible, and it is possible to control multiples screens remotely. It works smooth on WiFi. And did I mention it is (still) free?

For PC take a look at Synergy or win2vnc.