JAGS binaries

My binaries for MacIntel (dev version 0.98, with R 2.4) are here: JAGS_binaries_Macintel.zip

My binaries for MacPPC (dev version 0.98, with R 2.5) are here: jags_macppc.zip

(Note: The ones from an external site I had pointed to earlier resulted in a segmentation fault when exiting the program, so I compiled them myself . Also, as Martyn points out, I used the CVS source code, version 0.98 is not officially released yet – ce 5/16/07 )

The binaries for Win (version 0.90) are here: jags.zip – compiled by Martyn Plummer

More on JAGS , OpenBugs, and the BUGS project site with pointers, models and examples.

And, finally WinBUGS. Which you can run on a Mac through CrossOver, if you insist:

  • To install Winbugs in CrossOver: Configure -> Install Software -> install unsupported software -> Choose Installer file
  • The default directory set up by CrossOver for progs is /[username]/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/default/drive_c/Program Files
  • To run Winbugs: Programs -> Run Command and find the executable.