Quickly retrieve elevation from lat/long

A pointer to High Earth Orbit via Slashgeo:

EarthTools has a webservice that covers the US and Europe using the SRTM data. Given a latitude/longitude it returns the height above sea-level in feet and meters. (found from Quakr Viewr) Geonames offers two services using the SRTM data, and also the GTOPO30 from the USGS. Geonames gets bonus points for also returning the results in JSON. Geonames also uses a larger dataset – lands within 60 degrees north and 56 degrees south.

(This is not the only webservice offered through these sites, you can also retrieve countryinfo, timezone, sunrise/sunset etc.)

Update: see note of caution from Donald below.

Integration of GIS and concept mapping

From their website:

The project Ecocensus aims to integrate a state of the art Geographical Information System (uDig) with the Compendium concept mapping tool in order to assist the Makushi Amerindian tribespeople, who live in the Rupununi region of Guyana, to better negotiate, understand and discuss their natural resource conservation and livelihood improvement needs, by providing distributed decision-making support.