Visualization tool for US data

Dataplace calls itself a ‘one-stop-shop’ for demographic and economic data about communities, regions and the US as a whole:

The site currently contains data from the 1990 and 2000 Censuses
(demographic, economic, housing, and social characteristics), Home
Mortgage Disclosure Act (home mortgage applications and loans), Section
8 Expiring Use database (neighborhood- and property-level data on
federally assisted housing at risk of loss), and Consolidated Plan
special tabulations (data on housing needs by household income level).

Simply type in any US city and do a search. The site comes with a mapping tool and a chart and table builder and provides statistical snapshots, area profiles, and news.

Google Map based software to track epidemics

Zyxware Technologies just released open source software that allows to track epidemics, for example malaria.

Excerpts from their blog entry:

The GIS interface uses Google maps to present the data on a real time
basis on a map of the state. Cases of diseases are represented by
markers on the map and easy visual analysis of the pattern and extent
of spread of diseases is possible. The GIS and reporting interface
processes the cases registered and presents reports that can be used by
the Health Department to monitor the situation on a real time basis and
take precautionary measures if required.

And their online demo.