JAGS binaries

My binaries for MacIntel (dev version 0.98, with R 2.4) are here: JAGS_binaries_Macintel.zip

My binaries for MacPPC (dev version 0.98, with R 2.5) are here: jags_macppc.zip

(Note: The ones from an external site I had pointed to earlier resulted in a segmentation fault when exiting the program, so I compiled them myself . Also, as Martyn points out, I used the CVS source code, version 0.98 is not officially released yet - ce 5/16/07 )

The binaries for Win (version 0.90) are here: jags.zip - compiled by Martyn Plummer

More on JAGS , OpenBugs, and the BUGS project site with pointers, models and examples.

And, finally WinBUGS. Which you can run on a Mac through CrossOver, if you insist:

  • To install Winbugs in CrossOver: Configure -> Install Software -> install unsupported software -> Choose Installer file
  • The default directory set up by CrossOver for progs is /[username]/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/default/drive_c/Program Files
  • To run Winbugs: Programs -> Run Command and find the executable.
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7 thoughts on “JAGS binaries

  1. But I haven't released JAGS 0.98 yet! Are these binary versions of the development version compiled from the CVS source? If so then caveat emptor.

  2. Thank you very much for posting the binaries!

    One caveat for a UNIX dummy like me:
    It seems that we should not create the jags directory mannually at usr/local/lib before untarring as instructed in Readme. Once you untar jags.tar, it will create jags directory at the current directory, so the resulting structure becomes:usr/local/lib/jags/jags/bin/jags.bin, which is not consistent with the path set by the excutable.

    So, the Readme instruction should read:
    1. Copy jags.tar to /usr/local/lib/
    2. Untar jags.tar there:

    cd /usr/local/lib/
    sudo cp jags.tar .
    sudo tar xvf jags.tar

    Executable is jags. It is a shell script which sets the paths. It can
    be launched from anywhere. Note that the prompt is a just dot: .


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