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Mapping DBPedia geodata in Drupal

In an attempt to learn more about how to best and seamlessly import external geo data and map them in Drupal I recently mapped all the German soccer stadiums, that are listed in Wikipedia, and which I harvested from from DBpedia (as in the following screenshot).

This is how it worked for me. Continued…

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Qgis 1.7 for the beginner - some pointers

Qgis or Quantum GIS  is among the most widely used Open Source Geographic Information Systems. The current version is Qgis 1.7, which was released on 29 September 2011. Below are a few pointers to get started.


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The Future of Mapping with Drupal

Recently I went over the page kindly maintained by jeffschuler to get a sense of the status of the Drupal Geospatial Modules. If I consider investing in developing a Drupal Webmapping, how much can I rely on modules to exist in the future?

The graph below shows that many more geospatial modules exist in versions for Drupal 6 than Drupal 7 — Drupal 7 looking more similar to Drupal 5. However, there are two new modules that exist only for Drupal 7, Geofield (alpha release, seeking co-maintainers) and Address field (beta release, actively maintained).


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