The Future of Mapping with Drupal

Recently I went over the page kindly maintained by jeffschuler to get a sense of the status of the Drupal Geospatial Modules. If I consider investing in developing a Drupal Webmapping, how much can I rely on modules to exist in the future?

The graph below shows that many more geospatial modules exist in versions for Drupal 6 than Drupal 7 -- Drupal 7 looking more similar to Drupal 5. However, there are two new modules that exist only for Drupal 7, Geofield (alpha release, seeking co-maintainers) and Address field (beta release, actively maintained).

The following graph shows the modules broken down by usage on a logarithmic scale. Good to see that for all the modules that are used on 1000 or more sites there are Drupal 7 versions, in other words, the fewer (as compared to Drupal 6) Drupal 7 modules that are available affect a very large user base.

In order to get a sense the future plans for the modules I went back to each individual module listed to look at the maintenance and development status currently recorded. The following graphs shows both, Maintenance and Development status, and again, it looks pretty good for the highly used modules, less so for the ones only rarely used.

Looking more specifically into modules listed for Drupal 7, it seems that currently 3 are actively maintained, 3 are looking for help to maintain, and 1 has an unknown status. 6 out of the 7 are under active development.

This is of course, only part of the picture and of the decision, but maybe interesting to some.

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One thought on “The Future of Mapping with Drupal

  1. Thank you for these useful figures. I have been musing about migrating some of my digitization processes from ArcGIS to online. This helps in that decision.

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