Workshop on Spatial Analysis & R

At the AAG meeting 2007 in San Francisco Roger Bivand gave a workshop on Analyzing Spatial Data with R. His scripts and slides are posted here with permission. Please note that the scripts are based on the earlier R version 2.4.1. I have so far not encountered any problems in running them in R 2.5.0.


I searched for this for a long time, so here is from

Where can I find the list of projections and their arguments?

There is no simple single location to find all the required information. The PostScript/PDF documents listed on the main PROJ.4 page under documentation are the authoritative source but projections and options are spread over several documents in a form more related to their order of implementation than anything else.

The proj command itself can report the list of projections using the -lp, option, the list of ellipsoids with the -le option, the list of units with the -lu option, and the list of built-in datums with the -ld option. The GeoTIFF Projections Pages include most of the common PROJ.4 projections, and a definition of the projection specific options for each.

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