Chad's Color LaTeX Style
The following LaTeX style uses color and hyperlinks to produce a file that is very easy to read on computer screens, and especially on Tablet PCs. I tried to put hyperlinks everywhere they could be useful. Looks great on a color printer and pretty good on a black-and-white printer.

Here is a pdf example of what this format looks like (here is the .tex file, minus the figures).

Important tip in Acrobat Reader: Go to "Tools->Customize toolbars" and from the "Page Navigation Tools" be sure to add "Previous View" and "Next View." These function like the "back" and "forward" buttons in a web browser and are very helpful when viewing a PDF file on the screen -- for example to jump back from the bibliography after you've checked a reference.

Some helpful files to make your LaTeX papers look like this are Feel free to use these files and modify them in any way you like. If you come up with something really useful, please let me know.

Charles I. Jones
Last modified: June 2008