Ubuntu Karmic (9.10) on Thinkpad X61t

Chad Jones, January 2010

The "sluggish pen" problem for the wacom stylus wasn't an issue in Jaunty and wasn't an issue for me initially when I installed Karmic. However, the problem reappeared for me. I believe it is related to the "touch" lines in the wacom.fdi file that fixes the pen alignment after rotation. For example, see


To fix this problem, I removed and reinstalled the "wacom" packages (2 of them) using Synaptic. Then I deleted the lines referring to "touch" in wacom.fdi (my x61t does not have the multitouch screen). Now the pen seems to work fine without skipping.

Here is my /etc/hal/fdi/policy/wacom.fdi file, which seems to work.

Ubuntu Intrepid (8.10) on Thinkpad X61t

Chad Jones, March 2009

I had trouble with the stylus on my thinkpad in 8.10. In particular, the calibration would start out fine, but after a "rotate and suspend" of the tablet, the calibration would be off by about an inch. wacomcpl would fix this, but I could never hit the center of the dot precisely, and doing this every time was a pain. Here's a fix that works even better.

First, after a reboot, find the "good" values for the stylus by
~> xsetwacom get stylus TopX
~> xsetwacom get stylus TopY
~> xsetwacom get stylus BottomX
~> xsetwacom get stylus BottomY
Each command will return a number (mine are 0, 0, 24576, and 18432, but I bet it depends on your screen resolution).

After a "rotate and suspend" your calibration will be off now (you can check by looking at these values again). To set the right values, just change the "get" to "set" and add the correct values to the end of the command:
xsetwacom set stylus TopX 0
xsetwacom set stylus TopY 0
xsetwacom set stylus BottomX 24576
xsetwacom set stylus BottomY 18432
Put these commands in a script, and then you can just run the script whenever necessary.

Ubuntu Gutsy on Thinkpad X61t

Chad Jones, January 2008

Update May 2008: Most of what follows seems to be unnecessary with Hardy Heron (although the presentation and xournal notes are still helpful). And suspend now works perfectly for me! As near as I can tell, Ubuntu Hardy and the Thinkpad X61t work quite well "out of the box."
Some notes about using Ubuntu (Gutsy) on a Thinkpad X61t.