Montezuma Waterfall, Costa Rica, 2016

Ines Chami

chami [at] stanford [dot] edu

I am a second-year Masters student in the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering (ICME) at Stanford University. Prior to attending Stanford, I studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Ecole Centrale Paris.

My research interests include Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and, more specifically, Multimodal Analysis. My previous research was focused on Cross-Modal Information Retrieval (image annotation and automated text-illustration).

Keywords: Computer Vision, NLP, Weak Supervision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval

I am currently working on cross-modal data programming and generalization in weak supervision within the Hazy Research group led by professor RĂ©.

You can find my resume HERE! I also like photography and posted some of my pictures in the Photography section.

Big Sur, California, 2016