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Ph.D. candidate @ Stanford HCI

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I'm starting as an Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon's Human-computer Interaction Institute this Fall. If you're a CMU student who'd like to work with me, please get in touch!

I'm in the last few months of being a Ph.D. candidate at Stanford University, focusing on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). I have two awesome academic advisors, Professor Scott Klemmer and Professor Michael Bernstein. In my research, I design software systems and associated pedagogy that leverages peer processes at massive scale (especially in MOOCs).


Talk to classmates from around the world!

Talkabout enables students in massive classes to talk in small, but global discussion groups. Randomized controlled experiments show these global discussions help students learn better. Please fill out this form. We will be able to support your class if it runs on Coursera, edX or other LTI-compatible platform.

PeerStudio provides them fast qualitative feedback on open-ended work. Students using PeerStudio get feedback in less than an hour, orders of magnitude faster than traditional methods. Thousands of learners in both Massive Open Online Classrooms (MOOCs) and university classrooms have used these platforms for large-scale peer assessment and discussion.

Please email us at If you're a student using PeerStudio in your class, you can email us your problem– please use the email address you use with your class. For regrades and deadline extensions, please ask your course staff.

The insights behind our structured peer assessment systems have also since been adopted by other researchers in human-computer interaction (HCI) and social computing.


If you're at Stanford's School of Education, and want to study how students use PeerStudio or Talkabout, please email me.

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Papers and other resources are here.

I recently applied for many research positions. Here are my materials I used: research statement, teaching statement.
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