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Autumn, 2003

I am a Ph.D candidate working with the 4D CAD Research Group at the Center for Integrated Facility Engineering in Stanford University. Professor Martin Fischer is my faculty advisor. My research focuses on decision support for real estate, architecture, engineering, and construction professionals and projects using Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) technologies such as Decision Dashboard, 4D simulation and visualization, process-organization modeling, Building Information Model, 3D object-oriented modeling, etc. The objective is to leverage VDC technologies for better, quicker, and more generation of options and alternatives for AEC decision making.

Since July, 2003, I have been working at the Office of the Chief Architect in the national office of the United States General Services Administration. This GSA-CIFE collaboration has brought me to Washington D.C. and provided me with a valuable opportunity to pilot VDC technologies on different federal projects (e.g., federal courthouse, federal headquarter, and border stations). In the meantime, this collaboration offers me validation opportunities for my ongoing PhD research.


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About Calvin...

... born in New York, November 1978

... raised in Hong Kong

... homes in Palo Alto (Northern California), Monterey Park (Los Angeles), and the Mid-Levels (Hong Kong)

... I have loving parents and a loving elder sister, Karen

... basketball is my favorite sports, Go Lakers!


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I strongly believe that a cohesive building design/analysis/construction process will promote public-safety and social efficiency. Cohesiveness can only be achieved through mutual understanding and collaboration. The process requires deeper professional knowledge and employment of new technologies. I am looking forward to extending my professional technical knowledge and more importantly, I look forward to learning the management skills that are fundamental to acknowledging and collaborating with other stakeholders of the profession. I am interested in minimizing the redundancy and loss of accuracy through information exchange between the project teams with the aids of modern technology and digital visualization.

My future career plans involve licensure as an AIA and PE, practice in the design, strategic planning, and collaborations in the AEC profession, probable pursuit of a doctoral degree, as well as continuation of learning and sharing with the academic institutes. I am devoted to pursuing a well-balanced and in-depth education, which in turn will prepare me to excel in the profession. My goal is to generate design solutions through analytical, construction and management techniques that are more socially, economically, and professionally efficient.


Class Projects

Examples from Master's projects are available upon request

Arch 502L: Comprehensive Desigh Studio, Spring 2000

Images of Final Presentation Boards--Hotel Extension

Images of Midterm Presentation Boards--Hotel Extension

Animation, Quicktime VR, and slide presentation of project are available upon request

Arch 402dL: Design Studio, Fall 1999

Cyber Navigation--Soundstage and Bungalow

Images of Presentation Boards

Animation of project is available upon request

Arch 402cL: Design Studio, Summer 1999

Images of Presentation Boards--Visitor Center at the Catalina Island

Animation and slide presentation of project are available upon request



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