Buildering Ethics

The first and most important rule is: watch your butt. You alone are responsible for your actions. That includes safety and your impact on other things. Chalk on buildings, and destruction of property are problems that will impact the entire climbing community.

The general public considers climbing on buildings (buildering) shocking and irresponsible behavior. Improving relations enough to overcome the objections will probably never happen. Buildering will probably always remain a solo weekend or nighttime activity. Buildering is bouldering on buildings (climbing 10' to 15' max off the ground or traversing); it is not roped climbing high on major buildings: that activity is best reserved for political and social statements.

Climbers should be aware of the legal ramifications of buildering. Trespassing lawas are the most frequently discussed by Police Officers while lecturing the apprehended. In these situations it is best to remain quiet and polite. Long hair doesn't make good impressions. Student body cards are good to give for identification (unless you are stopped at the campus you are attending).


Climbs are rated by difficulty using the Yosemite Decimal System
2. walking
3. scrambling
4. scrambling with rope
5.0-5.13 easy to very hard climbing

bouldering is rated using a combination of the decimal and bouldering ratings
B1 done by several people
B2 done by 2-3 people
B3 done by only one person

Note: The ratings are very subjective and often don't factor into account variables such as: local experience and time since the last rain.