First Ascent Information


  FA  = First Ascent
  FFA = First Free Ascent
  FL  = First Lead of a toprope route

46. Get Over It  FA: Dennis Nousaine, mid 1990s
47. Sendero Blanco  FA: Dennis Nousaine, mid 1990s
54. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun  FA: Paul Crawford, Karl McConachie, 1981
55. Welcome to My Nightmare  FA: Dick Richardson
57. Gully Cat  FA(recorded): Walt Vennum, Greg Donaldson, May 1972
58. Stage Fright  FA: Jay Smith, Jeff Altenburg, 1978
63. Pressure Wave  FA: Ron Felton, Gary Beddard, 2/4/95
64. Gemini Cracks  FA: Brian Cox, Greg Donaldson, June 1972
67. Itsy Bitsy  FA: Jeff Altenburg, Bob Pinckney
70. Smoke Screen  FA: Jay Smith, Paul Crawford, 1980
72. Bad News  FA: Jay Smith, Randy Grandstaff, 1980
74. Too Bad  FA: Jay Smith, Paul Crawford, 1982
77. Red Eye Express  FA: Jay Smith, Gary Anderson, 1980
107. Sea of Holes  FA: Jay Smith, Jeff Altenburg, 1978
116. Quarry thin crack  FA(tr): Chris Bellizzi, Karl McConachie
117. King of Fools  FA: Kevin Andrews, Eric George, ~1998
132. Rainbow's End (full)  FA: Jay Smith
133. Carville's Carnage  FA: Mike Carville
143. Rastaman Vibrations  FA: Jay Smith
153. Silk Road p2  FA: Will Cottrell
154. Hightimes  FA(p3): Greg Donaldson, 1973
 FA: Jay Smith, Rick Sumner, 1979
155. Silk Road p9-11 var.  FA: Will Cottrell
158. Silk Road p12 var.  FA: Will Cottrell
160. Fault Line  FA: Will Cottrell
164. Sands of Time  FA(p1): Greg Donaldson, 1973
 FA: Karl McConachie, ____ McConachie, 6/1980
170. Time Traveler  FA: Paul Obanheim, Rick Sumner, 5/1980
175. Calaveras Dreamin' (aka Green Sponge)  FA: Craig McKibben, Greg Donaldson, May 1973
 FFA: Ron Felton, Jon Fox, 6/28/97
179. Tsunami  FA: Jay Smith, Paul Crawford, 1983
182. Shakin' All Over  FA: Jay Smith
183. Mad World  FA: Dick Richardson, Ken Ariza, 1984
184. Wall of the Worlds (aka War of the Walls)  FA(p1-2): Jay Smith, Rick Sumner, 1976
 FA: Jay Smith, Jeff Altenburg, 1978
185. WotW p1 var.  FA: Bruce Hildenbrand (anyone do this before '92?), 5/92
212. Voton's Staircase  FA(4p near VS): Rick Sumner, Billy Price, Steve Miller, 1981
216. Beacons from Mars  FA: Jay Smith, Jeff Altenburg, Brock Wagstaff, 1979
218. Sole Sacrifice  FA: Jay Smith, Paul Crawford, 1980
222. Bad Company  FA(6p between BFM and OS): Rick Sumner, Bruce Runnels, 1980
 FA: Al Swanson, Jay Smith, 1990
224. Thunderbolt  FA: Jay Smith, Jeff Altenburg, 1979
225. Old Smokey  FA: Jeff Altenburg, Bob Pinckney, Rainer Lambrecht, 1977
232. Haunt of the Grizzly  FFA: Troy Corliss
233. Loaded for Bear  FA(p1): 80s
 FFA(full): John Scott, 1997
234. Quiet Mind  FFA: Troy Corliss
237. Gold Finger  FFA: John Scott, 2001
238. Treasure Chest  FFA: John Scott, 2001
239. Golden Medallion  FA("Watcher in the Skies"): 80s
 FFA: Troy Corliss
240. Hidden Treasure  FFA: Mark Leffler, Troy Corliss, 1997
242. Mephistopheles Throne  FFA(p1): John Scott
 FFA(p2): Troy Corliss
243. Millenium Falcon  FFA(p1-2): John Scott
245. Ginsu  FFA: John Scott
246. Falcon Gods  FA(p1-2): James McConachie, _____ McConachie, _____ McConachie, mid 80s
 FFA: Troy Corliss
247. Pipeline  FFA: Troy Corliss
257. Finders Keepers  FA: Ron Felton, 96/97
 FFA: unknown
258. Thin Lizzy  FA: Rick Hooven, ______, 77 or 78