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Back in 1993/94, I compiled a guidebook to this climbing area in Index, Washington (1 hour NE of Seattle on highway 2). It is still available at the Index General Store, for about $10. There is no copyright on this climbing guide, and it is in 8.5" x 11" format, so you can also make your own copies if you can find someone with a decent original.

I let the guide go generally out of print, because Darryl Cramer was working on an updated guide which I thought might be available soon (although he advised me otherwise!). Like most guides, it took awhile for it to be finished, and I found out in June 2000 that it has been released.

Darryl Cramer's new guide, Sky Valley Rock, ISBN 0-9678531-0-9, is an excellent guidebook, with over 500 routes and variations covered in 302 pages (5.25" x 8.25" x .7"). It includes beautiful topos, photos, maps, written route descriptions and action photos. Besides Index, it also covers Static Point, Zeke's Wall, Snoqualmie Pass, Steven's Pass, Holoman Ridge, and alpine rock climbs on Mt. Index, Mt. Persis, Gunn Peak and Mt. Baring (Dolomite Tower). It sells for $18 retail, and can currently be found at:

If you're a dealer, and you want to sell the book, you can contact him at:
Sky Valley Press
11540 Palatine Ave North
Seattle, WA 98133  
2008 update: Sky Valley Rock observed available on the shelf for sale at REI in Seattle.

Scans from the 1993+ guidebook

Here is a wide selection of scanned pages from the "1993+" guidebook. All are scanned at 300DPI, without being customized for viewing or printing. They are mixed portrait and landscape mode. Pages without *** routes were left out at present.

Cover Sources + Acknowledgements


Road Map Trail Map

Lower Lump + Inner Wall

Beetle Bailey Arch The Lip Inner Wall - Left of cave Tie Me to a Length of That

Lower Wall

Great Northern Slab (has easiest routes)
Lower Wall - Left Dihedral Wall + Shield
Lower Wall - Center, Lower pitches Lower Wall - Center, Upper pitches
Lower Wall - Right, Lower pitches Lower Wall - Right, Upper pitches

The Country + trail to Upper Wall

The Country - Center, Lower pitches The Country - Center, Upper pitches
The Country - Right Blues Cliff Rhythm Cliff Middle Wall Little Elvis

Upper Wall

Overview Far Left (Earwax) Left Sport Wall Center (Davis-Holland) Green Dragon (1999) Waterfall Area lower Cheeks - Right

Hag Crag Lookout Point Rattletale The Diamond The Beyond

Lists + Indices (sample scans)

Routes by Type Routes by Rating

Lists + Indices (full text)



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