Trail Crew injury and rescue

Pinnacles National Monument (CA)
Rescue of Injured Contractor from Backcountry

Pinnacles NM (CA) Rescue of Park Contractor

On the afternoon of March 21st, a member of the park's trail crew reported that a fence-building contractor had been injured while working along the northwest boundary. Jory Mirabal apparently tore the ACL in his right knee while carrying fence pickets down a steep grade.

Due to the remote location and extremely rugged terrain, it took park rescue personnel two-and-a-half hours to reach Mirabal, who was about three miles out from the crew's wilderness spike camp. An alternative evacuation route was chosen for the carryout that required a mile of off-trail travel through thick chaparral and four miles of travel on the unmaintained North Wilderness trail. The primary response team was joined by a second team comprised of employees from all park divisions around 9:30 p.m. The rescue took over 13 hours and the assistance of more than 15 members of the park's staff. This was the longest known carryout (9 miles) in park history.
[Submitted by Neal Labrie, Supervisory Park Ranger/IC]

From NPS Morning Report