[Cortadura Wall topo]

Hike south on the Chalone Peak Trail, uphill past Gertie's Pinnacle, about 10 minutes to a ridge trail that leads north towards the Yaks. This ridge trail is a better approach to Kasparek's and Yaks than the trail shown in the guidebook. Just south past this trail junction is an east-facing wall with a midway ledge. This is Cortadura Wall.

220.5 Carpet Cleaner 5.1 R  thick moss but clean rock.
  Left of Armed with Madness is a boulder choked chimney.
  Climb the gully/waterstreak left of the chimney.
  FA - Robert Behrens (solo), 3/12/99

220.6 Armed with Madness 5.10d  starts at the left side in the bottom
  of a groove with a bush at the top.  Off the trail, boulder up
  past the bush and gain the main ledge.  Up above there is a waterchute
  which splits in two.  Go up the right side to the right hand
  waterchute.  Pro: thin #0 TCU to 1.5 Friend plus 4.5 Friend
  (or #4 Camalot) for bottom of wide crack.  It is possible to get an
  armbar, cut loose with both feet, and wave at the belayer with the
  other hand.
  FA - Dennis Erik Strom, Matt Eastman, Robert Behrens, 12/19/99

220.7 Stone Crazy 5.9 or 5.10a  to the right of Armed with Madness
  is a right facing corner.  Go up corner to ledge; to the right
  is a short steep groove.  5.9 or 5.10a thin (steep) to chimney.
  FA - Dennis Erik Strom, Robert Behrens, 3/12/99