Pinnacles 1998 Flood Update (March 9, 1998)

(from Superintendent Gary Candelaria)

The park is still closed. We hope to reopen at least part of the park by the end of the month or early in April. It will likely be the west side that opens first. We will reopen the east side probably a few weeks after the west opens. We're about to begin work on placing a temporary bridge across Chalone Creek on the east side...that might take about 3 weeks. We also hope in that time to reestablish water service to Bear Gulch.

Visitors to the park once it reopens will notice some changes in roads, trails, parking lots, etc. Much of what was lost is beyond recovery or replacement, so we'll see differences.

Hwy 25 [from Hollister to the Pinnacles East Side] was indeed buried under a landslide. I understand there is currently a convoy system in place that opens the road to traffic twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon to allow school children to get to and from class. I don't know if the road is open at all on Saturday and Sunday. When Hwy 25 will reopen to general traffic is also unknown. Cienega Road, west and south of Hollister, is the only sure route into South San Benito County from the north, and it is very potholed and muddy. Hwy 25 is passable from King City through Bitterwater, though it is still posted closed at the Bitterwater junction.

We are back in a temporary office in the park, and people can call 408-389-4485, daily, 8 to 5 for information.