Indian Creek + towers March 23 - April 1, 2007 - Jared, Mike, Matt

3/23 (Friday)

assemble cam collection (shown here: Clint's + Hal's), and drive to Utah

3/24 (Saturday)

woke up a little late at our desert bivvy

driving past a dry lake bed to Delta, UT

We hit Moab at 4pm, got groceries, and met Jared's mom at Supercrack Buttress at 6pm. We had enough time for Jared to lead Keyhole Flakes 5.10a, and Mike to lead Incredible Hand Crack 5.10b.

We camped by the cattleguard near Newspaper Rock, which is officially closed, with some small signs citing flooding danger and vegetation damage. But several picnic tables are still in place, and the sites are not fenced off. One camp resident said the closure allows the BLM to evict people who get too rowdy or are staying long term.

3/25 (Sunday) - Battle of the Bulge

Matt led Generic Crack 5.10a with Jared, while I led Crack Attack 5.10c with Mike.

Mike led Think Pink 5.11a, a cool overhanging hand crack.

It's steep.
I followed, Matt toproped with one hang near the top, and Jared toproped with one fall when he slipped out of the wide hands crux and swung out and around the corner. It took a tough pendulum manuever to swing back onto the climb.

Jared led Pigs in Space 5.10+.

Matt followed, with one hang at the thin hands section. It had become cloudy and sprinkled a bit.

Mike and I toproped it.

I attempted to toprope the unnamed 5.11c corner to the right, taking about 5 hangs.

Mike toproped it free.

Jared nearly got it free - just one hang.

I led Our Piece of Real Estate 5.10d/5.11a (short crux).

Mike and Jared toproped it.

3/26 (Monday) - Cat Wall

Mike leading Meow Mix 5.11-, a 180' pitch with several hard sections
(more photos next week)

3/27 (Tuesday) - Supercrack Buttress

Lavender blooming in pasture below Supercrack Buttress
(more photos next week)

3/28-29 - rest/weather days in Durango

3/30 (Friday) - North Sixshooter - Lightning Bolt Cracks

Matt, Jared, and Mike below Lightning Bolt Cracks
(more photos next week)

3/31 (Saturday) - Standing Rock

view from the western rim of Monument Basin, where we slept

afternoon light on the route
(more photos next week)

4/1 (Sunday) - Washerwoman Arch - In Search of Suds

Matt approaching Washerwoman Arch and Monster Tower
(more photos next week)