Yosemite - Long Moderate Free Climbs

Many long moderate free (or nearly) climbs are found in Yosemite Valley. I attempt to list them here, and give a few details on some of them. See also long hard free climbs. Not that the long "hard" free climbs are necessarily better than the "moderate" ones. Certainly I have enjoyed many of the moderate climbs (often more than once). A few of them are easily some of the best rock climbs in the world.

The definition of "long moderate free" climbs is rather arbitrary; the climbs included here are at least 10 pitches and 5.10 or easier. There are also many great climbs which are not this long.

Ribbon Falls

El Capitan

Yosemite Point

Royal Arches

Half Dome

Glacier Point Apron

Sentinel Rock

Higher Cathedral Rock

Middle Cathedral Rock

Lower Cathedral Rock

A few shorter routes that nearly make it to this list:


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