Cristina Pop



I am currently writing a Windows 8 app for a smart photo collage maker, inspired by a collage I manually created for my sister's wedding.

A collection of my photo albums is at my public Google+ page: Cristina Popon Google+

My curiosity on the efficiency of techniques for creating picture frames for large panoramic photographs led me to try creating my own. As expected, the result cost less but took longer.

Women in Tech

From 2008 to 2014, I was on the leadership board of the Stanford Women in Computer Science group in various roles (Secretary, President, and Vice President). I've been involved with organizing a variety of events, particularly two initiatives that I pioneered: the Distinguished Speaker Series and our Industry Mentorship Program.

Other Hobbies

Writing is a long-term passion; I've written poems, short stories, a novel (historical fantasy), a blog, and a self-published book. My interest in chocolate and music led me to build a a life-sized guitar out of chocolate to see how efficient I could make the process.