Chuan-Zheng Lee

Chuan-Zheng Lee 

I'm studying towards a PhD in electrical engineering at Stanford University. My current research interests are in information theory and federated learning. Other interests of mine include reinforcement learning, wireless communications, computer networks, technology policy, and engineering and mathematics education. My advisor is Ayfer Özgür.

I received my BE(Hons) degree in electrical and electronic engineering with first class honors from The University of Auckland, finishing studies there in 2010, and my MS degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University in 2015. From 2011 to 2013, I worked as a signal processing engineer for Aviat Networks in its Wellington, New Zealand office. In summer 2019, I worked as a visiting student researcher with Odalric-Ambrym Maillard in the SequeL team at Inria Lille-Nord Europe.


Curricula vitae


I'm passionate about and have spent a lot of my graduate school career involved in teaching introductory-level engineering courses.

engr 40m

For most of my graduate teaching career, I was involved with engr 40m, “An Intro to Making: What is ee?”

engr 76

In spring 2021, I was a ta in engr 76, “Information Science and Engineering”, for its first offering, alongside Shubham Chandak.

My main contribution here was writing the project handouts that constitute the bulk of coursework for the course.

Other courses

I've also been a ta for these courses:


C.Z. Lee, L.P. Barnes, A. Özgür, “Over-the-Air Statistical Estimation”, arXiv preprint, 2021.

C.Z. Lee, L.P. Barnes, A. Özgür, “Lower Bounds for Over-the-Air Statistical Estimation”, ieee isit 2021.

C.Z. Lee, L.P. Barnes, A. Özgür, “Over-the-Air Statistical Estimation”, ieee globecom 2020.

Y. Han, J. Jiao, C.Z. Lee, T. Weissman, Y. Wu and T. Yu, “Entropy Rate Estimation for Markov Chains with Large State Space”, neurips 2018.

Personal projects

I write software for debate tournaments in my spare time.