Daniel Lassiter: Teaching

Summer 2012
Probabilistic reasoning and statistical inference
     (NASSLLI 2012 bootcamp course)
     Course notes and R code

Spring 2013
Advanced semantics and pragmatics (LINGUIST 230B)
     Course outline

Summer 2013
Probability in semantics and pragmatics
     (ESSLLI 2013 in Düsseldorf; with Noah Goodman)
Gradability, scale structure, and vagueness
     (ESSLLI 2013 in Düsseldorf; with Heather Burnett)

Fall 2013
Introduction to syntax (LINGUIST 120)
     Course website

Winter 2014
Seminar in Semantics: Gradation & Modality (LINGUIST 237)

Spring 2014
Semantics and Pragmatics I (LINGUIST 230B)
     Course website

Summer 2014
Language understanding and Bayesian inference
     (NASSLLI 2014 @ U. Maryland)
Experimental methods for studying pragmatics on the web
     (ESSLLI 2014 @ U. Tübingen; with Mike Frank)

Fall 2014
Minds and Machines (SYMSYS 100)
     with Thomas Icard and Todd Davies

Winter 2015
Probability and Statistics for Linguists

Spring 2015
Reasoning with Quantifiers (with Chris Potts)
Semantics & Pragmatics I (LINGUIST 230B)

Spring 2015
Probabilistic Pragmatics
     (2015 Linguistic Summer Institute @ U. Chicago; with Judith Degen)