Daniel Lassiter: Teaching

Spring 2016-2017
Formal Semantics and the Psychology of Reasoning (with Noah Goodman)
Semantics & Pragmatics I (LINGUIST 230B)

Winter 2016-2017
Foundations of Linguistic Theory (with Penny Eckert)

Fall 2016-2017
Minds and Machines (SymSys 1/Psych 35/Linguist 35/Phil 99)

Spring 2015-2016
British and American English (at Bing overseas program in Oxford)

Winter 2015-2016
Seminar on Modals and Conditionals (with Cleo Condoravdi)
Workshop in Language and Social Reasoning

Fall 2015-2016
Minds and Machines (SymSys 100; with Thomas Icard)
Workshop in Language and Social Reasoning (Linguist 294L/Psych 294L)

Summer 2015
Probabilistic Pragmatics
     (2015 Linguistic Summer Institute @ U. Chicago; with Judith Degen)

Spring 2014-2015
Reasoning with Quantifiers (with Chris Potts)
Semantics & Pragmatics I (LINGUIST 230B)

Winter 2014-2015
Probability & Statistics for Linguists

Fall 2014-2015
Minds and Machines (Symbolic Systems 100)
     with Thomas Icard and Todd Davies

Summer 2014
Language understanding and Bayesian inference
     (NASSLLI 2014 @ U. Maryland)
Experimental methods for studying pragmatics on the web
     (ESSLLI 2014 @ U. Tübingen; with Mike Frank)

Spring 2013-2014
Semantics and Pragmatics I (LINGUIST 230B)

Winter 2013-2014
Seminar in Semantics: Gradation & Modality (LINGUIST 237)

Fall 2013-2014
Introduction to syntax (LINGUIST 120)
     Course website

Summer 2013
Probability in semantics and pragmatics
     (ESSLLI 2013 in Düsseldorf; with Noah Goodman)
Gradability, scale structure, and vagueness
     (ESSLLI 2013 in Düsseldorf; with Heather Burnett)

Spring 2012-2013
Advanced semantics and pragmatics (LINGUIST 230B)

Summer 2012
Probabilistic reasoning and statistical inference
     (NASSLLI 2012 bootcamp course)
     Course notes and R code