Desmond Ong

Desmond C. Ong
Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Psychology
Stanford University
420 Jordan Hall, Room 330

Master's Student
Department of Computer Science
Stanford University

Email: desmond (dot) ong (at) stanford (dot) edu
Github Github: desmond-ong

I am a graduate student in Psychology at Stanford, and I work primarily with Noah Goodman (Computation and Cognition Lab) and Jamil Zaki (Stanford Social Neuroscience Lab). I am also a student in the Master's program in Computer Science at Stanford. You can find a recent CV here: [pdf]

Broadly, my interests fall into the field of Computational Affective Cognition. I'm interested in how we reason about emotions, both our own and those of other people (cognition about affect). In my work, I seek to understand affective cognition by building formal computational models of how these affective cognitive processes occur.

I'm also interested in social cognition and theory of mind; prosociality; artificial intelligence, game theory, and behavioral economics.

I graduated from Cornell University in 2011 with a B.A. in Economics and Physics, and for a year after, I worked at a research institute with the Agency for Science, Technology And Research (A*STAR), Singapore. I've been at Stanford since 2012.