Francisco M. De La Vega, D.Sc.

Visiting Scholar

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Phone: 1-650-918-7417


I am a geneticist and computational biology scientist with over 15 years of experience in industry overseeing the research, development, and validation of innovative genetic analysis technologies and bioinformatics tools enabling high-throughput biology. I am currently visiting the lab of Carlos Bustamante, Professor of Genetics. The availability of massively parallel sequencing platforms that allow inexpensive sequencing of complete human genomes is enabling studies in genetic susceptibility to disease and evolution not possible before, and is leading to a revolution in personalized medicine enabled by the genome. Challenges include the massive amounts of data, the complex relationships among the types of relevant data, and the need to make the data accessible from different perspectives. The variation in the DNA sequence among the billions of separate copies of extant human genomes can occasionally be of medical significance because it can alter disease susceptibility and reactions to drugs and pathogens. Aspects of the effective collection, representation, and use of the vast " omics" data in the elucidation of the etiology of common disease have been a major theme of my work. I am currently interested in the application of ultra-high throughput sequencing technologies in genetic epidemiology, population studies, and more recently clinical applications, aiming to identify the role of rare and structural variants in complex diseases.

Positions and Employment

Visiting Scholar, Dept. of Genetics, Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford, CA, USA, 2014-

Vice President, Genome Science. Real Time Genomics, Inc., San Francisco, CA, USA. 8/2012-11/2013.

Visiting Instructor, Dept. of Genetics, Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford, CA, USA, 2012-2013.

Visiting Scholar, Dept. of Genetics, Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford, CA, USA, 2011.

Distinguished Scientific Fellow & VP, Advance Genomics Research. Applied Biosystems, Foster City, CA, USA, 2008-2010.

Scientific Fellow & Sr. Director, Computational Genetics. Applied Biosystems, Foster City, CA, USA, 2005-2008.

Director, Computational Genetics. Applied Biosystems. Foster City, CA, USA, 2003-2005.

Senior Manager, Bioinformatics R&D. Applied Biosystems. Foster City, CA, USA, 2001-2002.

Manager, Arrays Bioinformatics R&D. Applied Biosystems. Foster City, CA, USA, 1999-2001.

Staff Scientist. Synthesis and Arrays R&D. PE Biosystems. Foster City, CA, USA, 1998-1999.

Assistant Professor. Department of Genetics. CINVESTAV-IPN, Mexico City, Mexico,1989-1998.

Research Assistant. Department of Genetics. CINVESTAV-IPN, Mexico City, Mexico, 1988-1989.

Auxiliary Professor. Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAM), Mexico City, Mexico, 1985.


Wood-Whelan Research Fellowship, International Union of Biochemistry, 1990.

Candidate to National Researcher, National System of Researchers, Mexico, 1992.

DNA (Demonstrated Noteworthy Achievement) Award. Applera Corporation, 2002.

Bio-IT World's Best Practices Award, Basic Research category, Boston, MA, 2008.

Inaugural Inductee, I2 Society (Invention x Innovation), Life Technologies, 2009.


Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) Genetics and Molecular Biology, Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico City, Mexico. 2000.

Master of Science (M.Sc.)  Pharmacology, Center for Research and Advanced Studies, Mexico City, Mexico. 1989.

Biologist (B.Sc) Experimental Biology, Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAM), Mexico City, Mexico.1986.

MIT Sloan Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership. Sloan School of Business. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Cambridge, MA. 2007.

Recent Publications

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