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Research Experiences

Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Hydraulic Tomography and Optimal Management of Plumes
2013-present, PI: Prof. Peter K. Kitanidis, co-PI: Warren Barrash

  • Advancing 3-D transient hydraulic tomography, a novel approach for high-resolution imaging of the subsurface with uncertainty quantification
  • Co-led field campaign, developed real-time data analysis software, enhancing data processing and modeling tools, collaborating with Jonghyun (Harry) Lee on more effective use of computational resources for large(r) scale problems

Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Upscaling Transport and Reactions in the Subsurface
2008-2013, PI: Prof. Peter K. Kitanidis

  • Quantifying the effects of upscaling on reactive transport rates in several porous media models under various flow and chemical conditions
  • Conducted numerical experiment of flow in a calcite-lined tube. Used numerical and analytical techniques to analyze the dilution rate and reaction rates

Stanford University, Stanford, CA, and U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA
Upscaling of Reactive Uranium Transport
2010-2013, PI: Dr. Gary Curtis , Advisor: Prof. Peter K. Kitanidis

  • Applying upscaling methods to the lab and field data obtained and modeled by Curtis and others at the Uranium Mill Tailings and Remediation Act site at Naturita, CO
  • Improve understanding of adsorption and other processes that control U(VI) transport at the sites

Benin, West Africa and Notre Dame, IN
Groundwater Modeling of Godomey Aquifer
2006-2007, PI: Prof. Stephen E. Silliman

  • Led team of American undergraduate and Beninoise graduate students to develop a numerical model to be used to manage and protect the drinking water supply of Cotonou, Benin
  • Tested model parameters and analyzed several potential models with use of MODFLOW (GMS), MT3D, and MATLAB
  • Spent 10 weeks over 2 summers working in Benin in addition to research conducted during the academic year

Field Experiences (Volunteer)

Naturita, CO
Tracer Injection Test and Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) for Improved Macro-transport and Reaction Parameters at a Uranium(VI) Contamination Site (USGS Research Project)
July 2011, PI: Dr. Gary Curtis

  • Co-led design and calibration of system of injection wells
  • Sampled dozens of wells twice/day for temperature, pH, alkalinity, U(VI), and ions

South San Francisco Bay, CA
Quantification of Methylmercury Budget of a Relatively Pristine Intertidal Salt Marsh
September 2011, Prof. Steven Gorelick (PI), Prof. Kevan Moffett, Dr. Lisamarie Windham-Meyers

  • Collected wetland surface water and pore-water samples
  • Manually monitored tensiometers
  • Identified ideal gas-sampling locations

Last updated: 8/1/2013