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Stanford University

I am currently working as an engineering research associate at Stanford University.

I obtained my Ph.D. from the Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. My doctoral research was supervised by Professor Bernd Girod in the area of Mobile Visual Search (MVS).

While serving as a fellow of the Brown Institute for Media Innovation, I worked as part of a bi-coastal team on Personalized Television News (PTVN).

I have collaborated closely with research teams at (i) Nokia Research Center on problems of product recognition, landmark recognition, and road sign recognition and (ii) Deutsche Telekom R-and-D Laboratories on problems of media cover recognition and asset management/tracking.

I have also been a co-instructor and head teaching assistant of the EE368 Digital Image Processing class. In these roles, I helped to create an online version of the class and to integrate mobile image processing into the curriculum.

Previously, I obtained my M.S. in March 2008 and B.S. (with distinction) in December 2006, both in Electrical Engineering at Stanford and with an emphasis on image and signal processing.

In the past, I worked on projects involving seismic imaging, pattern detection and analysis for plasmagrams, and physics simulations. In my undergraduate years, I also led an outside venture to develop new technologies for automobile door security and driver identification.

Room 353, David Packard Building
350 Serra Mall
Stanford CA 94305

dmchen AT stanford DOT edu