Nonlinear Econometric Models


  Course Description

    The purpose of this lecture sequence is to introduce students and researchers to the key ideas of nonlinear econometric models, which can be applied to many areas of modern economic analysis.

    A solid background of basic mathematical statistics and econometrics is helpful to understand the materials covered in this course. If you still need to be tooled up in basic econometrics training, even though you may still learn a great deal from this lecture sequence, you are unlikely to be able to garner the full benefit of attending this lecture.

  Reading Materials
There is no required textbook for the lectures. It is based on reading a collection of articles and lecture notes.
It will be very useful if you can read the papers before attending class, to internalize the concepts and to form the basis of classroom discussions. Participation in classroom discussion will always be beneficial to you.
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The teaching assistant is Li Sheng

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