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We currently have a number of projects available for graduate level or postdoctoral research based in the Human Spatial Dynamics Lab in the Department of Anthropology at Stanford, including

  1. Bulletcoordinating a multi-sited project on fire ecology and livelihoods in Indigenous Californian and Australian communities

  2. Bulletanalysis of historic aerial photography (ca 1955) in the Western Desert to establish baseline anthropogenic fire mosaics under a nomadic burning regime

  3. Bulletanalysis of satellite imagery in conjunction with ground-based surveys to establish the effect of anthropogenic fire on the distribution and productivity of edible plants and prey animals

  4. Bullethuman dimensions of ecological interactions in the Western Desert, with applications for a sustainable program of habitat restoration, re-introduction of endemic mammals, and ecological mitigation of invasive mammals.

Prospective PhD students with strong anthropological or ecological backgrounds are encouraged to apply in the Ecology and Environment concentration in Stanford’s Department of Anthropology.


Research opportunities for phd students and postdocs