Position: PhD student
  Email: eacton at stanford dot edu

  Mailing address:
  Stanford Linguistics Department
  Margaret Jacks Hall
  Building 460

  Stanford, CA  94305-2150


Research Interests

I am interested in social, expressive, and connotative meaning explored through the subfields of sociolinguistic variation, semantics, pragmatics, corpus and computational linguistics


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Selected Papers and Presentations


Acton, Eric K. and Christopher Potts. Accepted pending revision. 'Cravin' that straight talk': Sarah Palin and the sociolinguistics of demonstratives. Journal of Sociolinguistics.

Acton, Eric K. 2011. On gender differences in the distribution of um and uh. Penn working papers in Linguistics: Selected papers from NWAV 17.2


Acton, Eric K., Daria Popova, and Shane Steinert-Threlkeld. 2013. Quantifier scope and tensed clauses. Paper presented at CUSP 6, University of California, Berkeley. 11 October 2013.

Acton, Eric K.. 2013. Standard change and the Finnish partitive-accusative object distinction. Paper presented at CSSP 2013, Université Paris-Diderot, Paris. 26 September 2013.

Acton, Eric K. and Christopher Potts. 2012. The latent affective meaning of demonstratives. Guest lecture in Stephen Wechsler's course Meaning as Use: Indexicality, Expressives, and Self-reference at NASSLLI 2012, University of Texas at Austin, 22 June 2012.

Podesva, Robert J., Annette D'Onofrio, Eric K. Acton, Sam Bowman, Jeremy Calder, Hsin-Chang Chen, and Janneke van Hofwegen. 2012. Linguistic and social effects on the perception of voice onset time in Korean stops. Poster presented at ASA 164, Kansas City, 23 October 2012.

Acton, Eric K. and Christopher Potts. 2011. 'That straight talk': Demonstratives, solidarity, and Sarah Palin. Paper presented at NWAV 40, Georgetown University, Washington. 30 October 2011.

Djalali, Alex and Eric K. Acton. 2010. Semantically conditioned case in Finnish: Measured in degrees. Paper presented at Stanford SemFest 11, Stanford University, 12 March 2010.


Instruction at Stanford

Co-instructor, T.A. Training Workshop, Linguistics 394
Instructor, Undergraduate Research Workshop, Linguistics 195
Teaching Assistant, Semantics and Pragmatics, Linguistics 130

Teaching Assistant, African American Vernacular English, Linguistics 65
Teaching Assistant, Undergraduate Research Seminar, Linguistics 197
Writing-in-the-Major Teaching Assistant, 2011-2012
    Advised undergraduate students concerning academic writing in linguistics

Teaching Assistant, Language in Society, Linguistics 150
Teaching Assistant, Undergraduate Research Seminar, Linguistics 197

Mentorship at Stanford

2013-present, Teaching Assistant Mentor
    Training and advising new teaching assistants in linguistics

2011-2013, Undergraduate Research Mentor
    Advising undergraduate students in their linguistic research, special focus on students' Junior Research Projects