Eve Vivienne Clark - Some recent talks

"Word analysis and word construction in children", Plenary talk, Conference on Word Formation Theories II / Universals and Typology in Word-formation III, Kosice, Slovakia -- June 2015

"Why interaction promotes language acquisition", Plenary talk, XXIV Congresso Nazionale, Associzione Italiana per la Ricerca e l'Intervenuto nella Psicopatologia dell'Apprendimento (AIRIPA), Pesaro, Italy -- October 2015

"Pragmatics, conversation, and acquisition", Invited talk, Society for Language Development, Boston, MA -- November 2015

"Do universals have a cognitive basis? Evidence from acquisition", Paper presented in Panel on the Legacy of Joseph H. Greenberg to Mark his Centenary, Linguistic Society of American Annual Meeting, Washington, DC -- January 2016

"Verbs and subjects: Some data from French acquisition", Workshop on Cognition and Language, Stanford University -- February 2016