Advanced Listening and Vocabulary Development

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EFS 693B
Week 6 Notes


I. Groundhog Day - continued. See for a synopsis (a summary of the story) and vocabulary list with definitions--don't read the plot summary yet. We will be watching the rest of this later.

II. Value of rewatching:

III. Review: discussion of dictation as an aid to processing. Remember the following:

  1. the objective is to get as close to the exact vocabulary and grammar as possible and then identify what you're missing;

  2. you can work on two levels--easy material you're trying to get 100% right and harder (for example accented or especially fast) to challenge yourself

  3. you can focus on chunks smaller than a full sentence: ultimately you're going for speed, accuracy, and capacity;

  4. spelling isn't critical as long as you know you have the right word (though try to learn from mistakes);

  5. only go through a chunk twice (three times at most) before moving on;

  6. do this with just 1-2 minutes worth of speech to avoid boredom/overload: even 30 seconds can be helpful;

  7. normally, do dictation last, after you've already listened to a piece well enough to understand it and looked up vocabulary;

  8. you need to have an accurate transcript (or accurate subtitles) to check your answers;

  9. at the end of a segment, after you've noted and thought about your mistakes, listen again to hear what's really there;

  10. finally, as an option, you can try "oral dictation", repeating rather than writing; in that case you should record yourself to check your answers.

IV. Homework: impressions of; Discuss in groups.

V. Practicing vocabulary: Note that Anki has mobile versions as well for Android and iOS.

About Anki: See also:, and You can see a list of 54 Anki videos here!


VII. Movie support materials: has examples of movie clips (scenes from movies) and "trailers"--advertisements that preview scenes from the movie to interest you in watching it. Includes comprehension questions but no captions or transcripts. has movie guides for a number of good films (including Groundhog Day). It has a summary of the movie and extensive vocabulary support

You may be able to find transcripts of movies by searching under the movie name and "transcript".

VII. Groundhog Day continued.


1) This week the assignment for your independent project is to do a minimum of two hours (a break for midterm week). At least 30 minutes of that should be a review of material you watched at least two weeks ago; at least 15 minutes should be a oral or written dictation. Upload your report by Tuesday, November 9, at 8:00 PM.

2) Explore or and download the program to your computer or a mobile device. Put in the 25 words (only 25 required this week) from this week's independent project work (and/or Groundhog Day). Practice these on at least three different days (more is better). Come prepared to discuss your experience in the next class. Note: 1) all of this (both setup and study) is in addition to your two hours of independent work and 2) if you already have a preferred program or mobile app, you may add your words to that and report on it instead, but if not, you need to give Anki or Quizlet a serious try.

3) Finish Groundhog Day. I have DVDs to check out to you or you can look for it online. Pause and rewind as needed when you get lost or want to review something to understand it better. Once you've finished the movie, you can go back and review it as part of your independent project this week or next.

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