Teacher Education in CALL   

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Chapter 15. 
In-Service CALL Education: What Happens After the Course is Over?

Lillian Wong, The University of Hong Kong, China, and Phil Benson, Hong Kong Institute of Education, China

This chapter reports two case studies from an 18-month longitudinal project investigating how five Hong Kong teachers attempted to put into practice what they had learned during a 15-hour in-service CALL training course. The course aimed to enhance the participants’ IT knowledge, skills and strategies with a particular focus on the integration of IT into the curriculum (IT integration). The project discussed in this chapter was designed to investigate how some of the teachers who took the course used IT after the course was over. We focus on what is actually involved in IT integration from the teacher’s perspective, by examining the contrasting experiences of two teachers, both of whom were coming to grips with IT relatively late in their careers.

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