Teacher Education in CALL   

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Chapter 19. 
Training Ourselves to Train Our Students for CALL

Marinna Kolaitis, Mary Ann Mahoney, and Howard Pomann, Union County College, USA, and Philip Hubbard, Stanford University, USA

Language instructors and their students are increasingly faced with the challenge of using computer-assisted language learning (CALL) software effectively. This chapter reports on a college-funded project, consisting of a nine-member team who worked collaboratively to develop strategy-based materials modeled on learner training principles linking software activities to learner goals. The article specifically focuses on the process the team members underwent in training themselves to understand the connections between software and the learning objectives and how they created support materials to train students in selecting conscious-learning strategies for specific CALL software. This project, conducted at the Institute for Intensive English, Union County College, New Jersey, provides valuable insights for other language programs to enhance both teachersí and studentsí ability to use technology in language classrooms.  

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