Teacher Education in CALL   

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Chapter 2.  Assessing CALL Teacher Training: What are We Doing and What Could We Do Better?

Greg Kessler, Ohio University, USA

As the use of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) becomes more commonplace within language classrooms, language teachers require appropriate preparation. They need to be able to make decisions about the use of CALL, identify appropriate CALL solutions for their students and be prepared to comprehend the evolving role of CALL methods and materials in the language classroom. This chapter identifies current realities in CALL practice and teacher preparation. Through focus groups, interviews and survey data, the author identifies perceptions of the role of CALL in language instruction among language teachers and teacher trainers. While most agree that CALL is a valuable asset within language instruction, evidence suggests there is a deficiency of CALL preparation within formal language teacher preparation programs. The author presents the results of these investigations and makes recommendations to better integrate CALL into language teacher preparation.

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