Teacher Education in CALL   

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Chapter 4. 
Matching Language and IT Skills: The Life-Cycle of an MA Programme

John Partridge, University of Kent, England

During the nine years it was offered the MA in Applied Language Studies: Computing at the University of Kent gave graduate linguists an insight into the workings and products of IT to add to their professional expertise. The program concentrated on applications, with linguists coming mainly from a literary background being enabled to exploit the skills of IT experts. It was conceived as being as far as possible hands-on and student-led, with negotiated assignments, on the principle of students being more motivated by work they have themselves designed and researched. On this basis they received individualised and differential help. This paper discusses the rationale of the course, the teaching team’s concept of CALL, the target student group, component courses, the financial metric, staffing, equipment and technical support, and offers insights into problems and their possible solutions, with needs analysis; financial and staff support, continuity and constant maintenance being found to be paramount.

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